Kila offers fun books to encourage reading.

  • Interactive books
  • Interesting stories
  • Native professional voice
  • Mini games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kila free?

Yes. Kila offers both FREE and PAID books.

Is an internet connection required to use Kila?

Kila does not require internet connection while using it.

How many kind of books on Kila?

Kila offers fables, fairy tales and song books.

Which platforms does Kila support?

Kila can run on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone (coming) devices such as iPad, iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy, Kindle, etc.

Does Kila have web version?

Nope, Kila doesn’t support web version yet. We also upload FREE books to Kila’s blog every week. Check it out.

Which languages does Kila support?

Kila currently supports English only.

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Story behind Kila

I have a lovely daughter. She grows up everyday and she starts learning the world. My wife and I often search and download a lot of iPad apps for kid: cartoon books, kid games, songs apps, etc. But we found that it's really hard to find good and safe contents for her. And we also really didn't know what she did with the app when we left her with iPad.

So we wished there's an app that helps us to show appropriate contents to our kid, to know what she did on the app, to know what she likes the most. And we think that other parents are also in same situation.

I shared this idea to my team and everyone thought that it's great idea. We had prototype after few weeks. From then, we engaged to this app.

Our daughter loves this app. She learns, plays and enjoys it a lot. That's why we love this app, Kila, so much. And you and your kids will love it too.

Tuan Tran - Founder

What Do People Think?

Download and you will not regret. Absolutely!  — Sara Buono
The design is very beautiful and the songs are also very nice The devs are very thoughtful to make this app so good and intuitive  — Huang Wei
Great. I love this app. It has a nice graphic user interface. Highly recommended!  — Bibliaiskola Urszava
Really great story telling! Perfect for kids! I'm very impressed.  — William Tedder
I find this is a must-get app if you want your children increasing reading skill and having fun at the same time.  — Truc Nguyen
This is super fun for my kids. They spend a lot of time with this game.  — Dana Kaplar

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